How to double your memory power – Simple Tips

Are you looking for information on how to double your memory power?I have made this entire article just to teach you how to improve the memory by very simple and practical techniques.Let us know if you have any doubts or need more information on this topic.I and my team of experts will be very happy to give you more details and insights on whatever you need.

Simple Techniques to double your memory power:

Before i continue giving you memory techniques,there are some things you need to know about memorizing anything effectively.Here are two factors that matter the MOST when it comes to memorizing:


2.Stress-free or Confusion-free.

Why are these factors so important in doubling memory?

Well if you are confused or are very stressed,your mind is not going to grasp things or is at least to going to function less than what it should have been.Let me give you an example – a very simple example.

Let us say there is a pond and you sit in that place throwing stones over the pond.Would you be able to see the reflection?Not at all.You will just see ripples and a very undefined image.


See the image above?Since the water in the pond was disturbed by you throwing stones on it,nothing is seen clearly.This applies to your life too.If you are always confused or are over stressed and are not able to concentrate fully on anything,you have to resort to stress management techniques before starting your memory improvement process.

It is only when you are stress free that the brain would be able to grasp a lot of things effectively.Hope you liked my example and are now clear about the basic things needed for increasing memory power.

Now coming to the memory techniques !

=>To memorize anything easily,you can use the “break and grasp” technique.I call it this way because basically what we need to do is that break a large thing into small pieces and remember each one.I know you are not able to understand this.So lets head for a example.

Say you have to remember a long number – 28592020

Instead of remembering the entire number,break it into chunks like 2859 and 2020.Now you will able to remember it much more easily.Moreover when one sees a such a long number,he or she immediately comes to the conclusion that it cannot be memorized.But by breaking into chunks,you will get amazing amount of confidence that you can memorize it and retain it in mind as long as you want to.

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