Full Brain Capacity – How much do you use really?

Do you use full brain capacity?I guess NO.Well,its not just you who is not using the brain to its full extent.Almost everyone on Earth are doing it this way and it is high time we recognize this fact and start doing something about it.So what really can we do to improve the brain capacity? – i am sorry.Let me rephrase it.What really can we do to use the brain fully ?

Proofs that your brain is much more than what you think it is:

=>Unfortunately,there are no proofs that we are using only a small fraction of the full brain capacity.There is absolutely no proof,

=>But if we take examples of top Geniuses our Earth has seen till today,we can notice that there is something beyond what we know about the brain.For example,let us take the example of the Genius Albert Einstein.Was there anything special noticed in his brain?Yes.There was something in his brain that actually interested scientists big time.What was it?

Einstein’s brain showed an increased level of the “Glial cells” in the brain.The ratio of the glial cells to the neuron was actually higher in just one part of the brain.So were these responsible for his unbelievable and breath-taking inventions?

The entire article on what was so special about Einstein’s Brain can be read at the below URL:

Einstein’s Brain

What can i do to use the full brain capacity?

=>Mental training,

=>Keep learning – never ever stop learning.There is no limit to learning things.The more you learn,the more nerve cell connectivity will be attained by your brain.

=>Keep stress at bay – most people do not realize how stress is affecting their organs.What they do realize are the mouth ulcers and trembling hands – but do you know how dangerous stress can be?Chronic stress can lead to reduced short term memory and also cause decreased learning ability.

One more thing i wanted to let you know is about the Tibetan monks.Do you know that they can reduce the heartbeat to almost zero because of controlling their minds – such is the power of controlling the brain.It is very tough to use the full brain capacity.We might never realize what our brains can really do if used fully.But what we need to do is continue sharpening our mind through every single known memory improvement technique.Knowing how to use the full brain capacity is always going to remain a mystery i guess.

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