Post traumatic stress and memory loss – Can PTSD cause memory loss?

Post traumatic stress disorder,commonly abbreviated as the PTSD,is one of the reasons for memory loss in people who have undergone trauma in the past.The PTSD can cause people to be distressed and this automatically causes a lot of negative effects in body and mind.One of the negative effects caused by constant stress,arising because of PTSD,is the memory loss.

So why does stress cause the memory loss?

=>Constant stress may lead to reduction in the size of hippocampus.Hippocampus is a part of the brain that is responsible for the short term memory.So if this part gets damaged or reduced in size,obviously the short term memory will be lost in turn affecting information retention.

=>If there is excessive secretion of the cortisol,the brain cell communication gets damaged in turn leading to reduced and ineffective thinking.So the ability to learn things will either be reduced or severely affected.

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Stress causes memory loss – know how

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