Stress causes memory loss – Know How stress affects memory power

Do you want to know how stress causes memory loss? I hope you have heard someone say that stress has affected their memory power.How true is that?The truth is that stress has a lot of negative effects on your body and mind which includes but is not limited to the reduction in memory power and reduced ability to learn things.Other disadvantages of excessive stress includes sexual dysfunction and skin ailments.This article is not going to list all the effects but is instead going to concentrate one part of the disadvantages of having a chronic stress – i will explain how stress causes memory loss and impairs the ability to learn.

Stress causing disability to learn and memory loss?

Yes.These are some of the disadvantages of suffering from a chronic stress.When you are stressed and are perceiving a threat,the body reacts by releasing the adrenaline hormones.This is needed because we need more energy for either a fight or the flight which are the usual responses to a perceived threat.But an excessive stress will also lead to the release of the cortisol by the adrenal glands and once these reach the human brain,they tend to stay longer there than the adrenaline.There are two main disadvantages of cortisol staying in the brain:

1.Cortisol affects the brain cell communication because of interfering with the function of the neurotransmitters.These are chemical substances that are used by the brain to function.Without the proper function of these chemicals,the person will not be able to think effectively.Just imagine how bad the communication will be between your brain cells if this cortisol stays there because of constant stress,

2.The second disadvantage is that the hippocampus which is responsible for the temporary storage of information gets damaged and thus you might not be able to remember things even for a short term.

What can be done to get back the memory power?

Fortunately,it is not impossible to get back the memory power.There are two techniques recommended for stress sufferers:

1.Stress management and

2.Memory improvement exercises and techniques.

Important Note:Without relieving the stress,the memory improvement techniques are not going to play an important role at all.Remember what i said earlier?The communication between the brain cells get affected because of the cortisol.So unless you do not get relief from the stress,it will stay there and lot more cortisol will get released.

After you get relieved from the stress,try out the techniques listed in the below website.I recommend every technique given in the below web site:

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