Omega 3 fatty acids improve memory power,prevent depression and strengthen brain cell communication

I have written 10 to 15 articles here in this web site and most of them convey the importance of following the memory improvement techniques which definitely have a great effect on your memory power.But since this is a site made for giving you information on developing your memory,i just cannot stop with giving you the memorization techniques.Rather,i have got to tell you one more thing – diet and exercises play a very important role too.So this article is focused on one of the most important ingredients needed for a strong memory and a brain without any sort of disorders.

Omega 3 fatty acids and their significance:

=>Through various studies and research,it has been proved that the omega 6 and the omega 3 fatty acids have a huge effect on improving the brain cell communication and in turn better intelligence.This will be most effective when the junk food is cut off from the diet as much as possible.Junk foods will only negate the positive effects a proper diet imposes on your mind,

=>Pregnant women must eat sufficient amount of fish which is a rich source of the omega 3 fatty acids.The omega 6 is available in a lot of foods that we eat everyday and this is not something that has to be concentrated on specially.It is the omega 3 which is taken in very little quantity and it is high time people understood the significance of it,

=>Infants can get a huge boost in their brain development if proper amount of these fatty acids is fed to them.To know the kind of benefits these give to a person,i recommend the following article to you:

=>depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder,learning difficulties and bad moods can be prevented by avoiding the deficiency of these fatty acids.

=>Here is one more article that speaks a great deal about this topic: