Stress can be the fog when it comes to learning and memory power

Would you be able to see anything clearly when there is fog everywhere around you?Not at all.You see,this has got to do something with our ability to grasp things and memorize them fast.When you are stressed,your mind is not going to do anything with its full capability.The situation will become worse if you are a person with mood disorder like the anxiety attack or the panic attack.So in such cases,it is a must to add the stress management techniques and the memorization techniques to add to the arsenal.You got to be free from stress to work effectively and memorize easily.The longer you take to grasp any subject,the harder will be your ability to memorize.Where as if you are able to grasp anything at the first glance or hearing for the first time then you are one of those who is capable of doing miraculous feats through fast memorization and better cognitive abilities.

You may try physical exercises,meditation and yoga,breathing exercises and other stress management techniques to become free from stress.Medications are also available but you need to keep in mind that some of them will cause side effects.Natural ways of getting rid of the stress beats every other method out there.So it is much better to resort to natural treatments rather than the medications.

For information on how stress can cause memory loss,you can refer my article below:

What about the mood disorders?

Here comes the big problem.Mood disorders like the panic attacks and anxiety attacks will cause extreme confusion and there are higher chances of you becoming dull and disinterested in normal activities.It is a must to react in such a situation and your response can either be the breathing exercises or the therapies.By resorting to proper therapies like the CBT and exposure therapy,you can make a big difference in yourself and you will be able to cure the disorder as time passes by.You just need to stick on to the therapies and not start your search for the instant cures again.Refer to any of the web sites concerning the mood disorders for more information.